Our Team

The Wonderful People Behind The Watts Group

Cedric Watts | CEO

As Founder and CEO of TWG, Cedric Watts leads the team in supervising the administration of all TWG services. Cedric has over 10 years in the consulting industry, specializing in streamlining business services and process efficiency.  Cedric is a proud alumnus of the University of Louisiana @ Lafayette.


Will Washington  

Quality Control Manager 

 Bill’s touch is found in nearly all aspects of TWG’s daily operations. What ever we need a file tracked down or a client requires immediate assistance, Will has proven to be invaluable. He enjoys the ongoing opportunities to learn, grow and fulfill a variety of essential needs in our active work environment.

Justin Raymond  

VP Of Facilities

If determination could be bottled, Jay would corner the market. His strategic approach to facilities is magic in motion. With a vision that never strays from the big picture, he has steadily trail blazed the right path for TWG. If you’re looking for inspired work and undying effort, Jay is the man you want to talk to. If you’re looking for someone who roots for the Saints and rocks out to Collective Soul … Jay is still the man you want to talk to.

Milton Parks

VP of  Logistics

Combine charm, intellect, and determination, and you have Milton. As our Director of our Transportation Division, Milton creates Logistical plans that enable our clients to rise above the competition. It’s almost absurd the level of devotion he has for our clients, but this devotion lets him exceed expectations with nearly every project.

Roxanne Rankin

Executive Assistant

Roxanne, is the foundation to which our company was laid upon.  She set the standards for business acumen and moral values. She brings to our team a background in business but also a 30-year knowledge base in the field of education and customer service.  With her plethora of knowledge and calming demeanor that keeps us focused on needs of our customers.